Aboriginal Gold™

Item # 15129  $30.00 Suggested Retail Price

Botanical Skin Preparation from the Australian Outback


Centuries ago, the Australian Aborigines discovered Centipeda cunninghamii, a member of the daisy family. When applied topically, this natural botanical treasure supports healthy, youthful-looking skin. Carefully passed down from generation to generation, this precious aboriginal secret became legendary for its versatility and effectiveness. But this amazing species of daisy is a secret no longer! Unicity International® is sharing the secret in the company's first-ever global product launch. Now available around the world, Aboriginal Gold works marvels on the skin and can only be obtained through Enrich International® and its dedicated team of Distributor partners.

What's inside:

Unicity International now offers Aboriginal Gold™ , a cutting-edge product available exclusively through Unicity, which contains the highest amount of Centipeda cunninghamii available. In addition to this unique ingredient from the Land Down Under, Aboriginal Gold a also contains tea tree oil and geranium leaf oil, both of which are known for their powerful benefits related to skin conditions.

Other ingredients include primrose seed oil, jojoba oil, olive oil, lavender oil, and aloe vera. Together these ingredients combine to create the perfect skin care formula that delivers quick, effective results.

What it will do for me:

Widely regarded as more powerful than Australian Tea Tree Oil, Aboriginal Gold™ soothes the skin and supports skin rejuvenation. It relieves cracked and irritated skin due to dryness. It isn't often that an innovative formula like Aboriginal Gold a has centuries of traditional use to support its value for optimal health and wellness of the skin. But these benefits aren't just folklore. In the past few years, scientists and researchers have tested Centipeda cunninghamii, and they've discovered that what the Aborigines knew instinctively and thought practical, now has scientific evidence to support its use. Unicity is continuing its testing to validate the results that users are experiencing as they use this skin care preparation. Whether for use as a daily moisturizer or a basic skin care solution, Aboriginal Gold™ means dramatic skin relief.

Mineral Mask

Mineral Mask - New
Unicity's all-natural Mineral Mask, which can be used on any part of the body, helps draw out impurities and calm your skin. It helps your skin maintain optimal moisture levels, feel smooth and tight with a natural glow, and feel fresh and soft.

Item Name: Mineral Mask (15 packets)
Item Number: 25022
Price: $55.00


Aboriginal Gold Skin Comforting Creme
Item #15129
$30.00 Suggested Retail Price

This product is from a flower grown only in Southwest Australia.  It has been used in a tea, traditionally, and made into a poultice for ringworm and eye infections.  Has antibacterial properties too and inhibits micro-sporin and helps with cell regeneration for fast healing.  It is now in a cream, from Enrich exclusively.  It has been tested at Unicity for some time, and has been found to be effective on diaper rash, athlete's foot, dry chapped or cracked skin, and paper cuts even.  All kinds of skin problems.


Aboriginal Gold® Cleansing Bar

Item #19159
4 for $36.00
Suggested Retail Price
(you will get 4 bars)

You'll never go back to a conventional soap bar that is packed with detergents and chemicals!  Aboriginal Gold® Cleansing Bar is gentle on even the driest skin, yet effective enough to keep the whole family clean and comfortable from head to toe.

A mild, vegetable-based solid cleanser with Centipeda c. and tea tree oil to heal and comfort the skin, and grapefruit and lavender to cleanse and deodorize with a refreshing unisex scent.

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