Aestivál™ Facial Cleansing Gelee
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Aestivál™ Facial Cleansing Gelee - STEP 1

Begin your facial care regimen with Facial Cleansing Gelee, an effective and gentle cleanser that loosens and removes topical dirt, debris and makeup. This special cleansing formula is perfectly pH balanced to protect against moisture loss and to prepare the skin for the other synergistic Aestival formulas.


Directions for Use: Use two times daily. Apply with fingertips or washcloth with a gentle, circular, upward motion over the entire face and neck area. Rinse thoroughly with warm water. Immediately follow with Aestival Gentle Skin Polish, step two. When using products around the eyes, be careful to avoid contact with eyes. If contact should occur, rinse with cool water immediately.

Safe for all skin types, Facial Cleansing Gelee features a blend of botanical extracts, essential oils and the GlycoActive® System. No artificial dyes or synthetic fragrances. Aestival products are never tested on animals.



Aestivál™ Skin Renewal Treatment
Item #5003  $40.00
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Aestivál™ Skin Renewal Treatment STEP 3

The Aestival Skin Renewal Treatment has been scientifically formulated to accelerate the removal of dead skin cells for a totally new skin texture. This formula concentrates its soothing and renewing activities on troubled areas, helping to improve the appearance of skin texture and reduce the appearance of sun damage, discoloration and blemishes.

Formulated with beneficial aloe vera gel and infusions of chamomile, Skin Renewal Treatment should be applied directly to areas of skin imperfection so it can work where you


When applying cleansers or moisturizers onto skin, use an upward, circular motion. Because gravity constantly pulls skin downward, an upward motion will help counteract that force. A circular motion helps penetrate pores and skin so moisture seeps beyond the surface and deep into skin where it's needed the most. As always, use a gentle touch when handling delicate facial skin to avoid causing damage.

Directions for Use: For all skin types, use twice daily. Apply four to five drops to troubled areas on the face and neck and lightly massage into skin. Avoid contact with your eyes. If contact occurs, rinse with cool water. Follow immediately with the Aestival Firming Eye Gel, step four.

No artificial dyes or synthetic fragrances. Aestival products are never tested on animals.



Aestivál™ Protective Moisture Creme
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Aestivál™ Protective Moisture Creme STEP 5

Q. If I suffer from oily skin, will the Protective Moisture Creme add too much moisture to my face?

A. The Aestivál Protective Moisture Creme is nongreasy and water-based, and the creme only contains oils that are essential to the health of all skin, whether it's prone to oiliness or not. You should not experience any additional oiliness from using this product; however, if you do, cut back on the amount applied during each usage,

Think you don't need a deep-penetrating moisturizer? Think again. Wrinkles form deep below your skin's surface long before they're visible. By properly cleansing, nourishing and moisturizing all layers of your skin - including those that are not visible - you'll help reduce wrinkles and other signs of aging where they start. In addition, natural lubricants in our skin decline with age, and skin becomes thinner and more permeable. To compensate for the loss of natural moisture and help protect your more fragile skin, keep it well moisturized.

Directions for Use:  Using fingertips, apply a small amount of the Protective Moisture Creme to the face and neck areas and gently massage in upward, circular motions until creme completely disappears into the skin. When using products around the eyes, be careful not to make contact with the eyes. If contact occurs, rinse with cool water.

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