Native Legend Tea
(Also known as Essiac Tea or Caisse's Tea)

As the name indicates, this formula has its roots in a Native North American herbal recipe. The Indians of long ago literally picked their own healing foods, and their apothecaries were the fields around them. This particular combination of herbs was used by the Indians as a preventative and a cleanser/detoxifier. Burdock is the main ingredient in Native Legend Tea™. According to health author Louise Tenney, "Burdock contains a lot of Vitamin C and iron. It contains 12% protein, 70% carbohydrates, some of the Vitamins A, P (rutin), and B-complex, Vitamin E and PABA." Burdock is combined with Turkey Rhubarb, Sorrel, Slippery Elm, and Cress in specific, synergistic ratios for maximum effectiveness.

Suggested Retail Price $38.00

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Once only available in Canada. 
Now you can purchase from 
Unicity International

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