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Ann Louise Gittleman

Are Dangerous Parasites Polluting Your Body?
Mainstream medicine's diagnosis/cure rate is as low as 5%. Now there's a SURE way to know if you're plagued with parasites that can undermine your health. And, a proven way to eliminate them for good--in weeks!

'The New Plague of Our Times': Deadly waterborne parasite in New York City and Milwaukee devastates hundreds of thousands...hundreds of diners in Washington and Houston plagued after eating 'safe' produce...50% of children in New Haven day-care center infected...ABC reports that most doctors are unable to detect parasitic infestation...Phoenix specialist says almost everyone tested carries parasites!


Now Ann Louise Gittleman, today's most recognized authority on parasites, can give you the benefit of her 20 years of research in this classic HSI special report, Parasites: The Plague of Our Times. Included is her research highlighting the tenacious Third World parasites that only recently began assaulting the U.S. in epidemic scale. This is must reading for everyone concerned with preserving their family's health.

Remove the threat of toxic 'squatters' in your body. It's uncomfortable to think about 'smart,' drug-resistant parasitic creatures securing themselves inside our digestive tracts--and perhaps spreading to vital organs, even invading the brain with destructive results.

But it's far worse not to deal with the distinct possibility that you--and your loved ones--may now be infected with parasites sapping your health and well-being. Ranging in size from 'micro vampire' organisms to loathsome 20-30-ft. long tapeworms that fatten inside human intestines, these parasitic invaders are, in many cases, undetectable by conventional medicine's tests. And, many can hold out for years against mainstream medical 'remedies,' which can, in some cases, actually further weaken your body and seriously compromise your
immune system.

Common Symptoms of Parasitic Infection

All of these symptoms can be traced to parasitic infection.
* chronic fatigue
* cramps
* diarrhea or constipation
* night sweats
* allergies
* rashes, sinus congestion
* bad breath
* anal itching
* ringing in ears
* grinding of teeth
* weight loss or gain
* insomnia
* depression
* sugar cravings
* low sex drive
* vision problems

Parasites: The Plague of Our Times reveals a host of proven methods to avoid parasitic infection ...highly accurate ways to test whether you're currently infected...and, if needed, fast and thoroughly effective alternative-medicine programs to rid your body of toxic parasitic 'squatters.'

'The Third World's problem' is now our problem. Parasitic infection used to be chiefly a problem of poor rural American communities and the Third World.  But the U.S. is now being overwhelmed by exotic types of parasites. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that every known type of infecting parasite has been diagnosed in the U. S.

A few years ago, the Chief of Pathobiology at Walter Reed Army Institute of Research said, 'We have a tremendous parasite problem right here in the United States -- it's just not being identified.' And it's been growing since, now labeled by experts as 'the plague of our times,' leaving a trail of devastation throughout the country.  No one in the United States is safe from this mounting parasitic invasion.

Uninformed Americans lack defenses against parasites. Parasites swarm into our bodies through public water systems (chlorination can't kill many of them)...through contact with our loving pets (stroking a dog or cat can be all it takes)...through children exposed to inadequate hygiene in day-care centers (one expert calls them 'open sewers') ...through food in restaurants (many cooks just aren't careful enough). Or through anyone already infected who even glancingly touches our lives. In a recent case, four orthodox Jews, who shun pork, contracted hideous pork tapeworm cysts in their brains - from an infected woman with whom they came in contact.

You may have read of outbreaks in New York City, Milwaukee and other major American cities, causing hundreds of needless deaths and up to a million cases of serious illness. Experts estimate that perhaps one-quarter of New York City's residents now suffer from serious parasitic infection. A Phoenix specialist believes the parasitic plague is universal, saying that virtually everyone he tests has some form of parasitic infection. Conventional medicine fails to detect most parasites.

Despite its epidemic proportions, parasitic infection continues to be overlooked by many physicians as a basis for illness, even at the height of acute parasitic infection. A report on ABC World News Tonight exposed the medical profession's widespread failure to detect parasitic infection. Misdiagnosis sometimes leads to prescribing powerful drugs that can depress the immune system, while they miss attacking the real culprits. Debilitating symptoms suffered by millions of Americans can now often be traced to previously unsuspected parasitic infection. In a recent study of over 400 Chronic Fatigue Immune Deficiency Syndrome (CFIDS) patients in New York, parasitologists discovered that an incredible 93% had some form of parasitic infestation!

Dr. Leo Galland suggests that 'every patient with disorders of immune function, including multiple allergies (especially food allergies) and patients with unexplained fatigue or with chronic bowel symptoms, should be evaluated for the presence of intestinal parasites.' But old-fashioned, still-current medical techniques like ordinary 'stool tests' often produce false negatives. One reason is that many parasites reside in the blood, tissue or intestinal tract lining--and are not revealed in random stool samples. And the rate of excretion of eggs and cysts can vary and not show up in one sample.

A foolproof detection method has been developed by Ann Louise Gittleman in association with UniKey Health Systems. Her state-of-the-art, self-testing parasite detection kit will be available at a special reduced price for HSI members who purchase her Parasites: The Plague of Our Times.

Mainstream medicine doesn't offer effective cures. Parasites are becoming increasingly difficult to eliminate, and conventional medicine isn't coping with the challenge. Parasite expert Dr. Louis Parrish points out that prescription drugs that may have been 90% effective 25 years ago are now largely useless against ever-more-resistant protozoa (which make up 70% of parasitic types). But most doctors still labor under the misconception that these outdated drugs are the best available cure. 'Today [such] a single course of treatment cures less than 5%,' Dr. Parrish states.

Questions you'll find answered in Parasites: The Plague of Our Times

* What are the symptoms for the newly diagnosed parasites invading the U.S. from India and Central America?
* What common imported fruit caused a recent cyclospora epidemic?
* What simple precautions can you take to prevent contracting parasitic infections from your pets?
* How can antibiotics and vitamin C actually worsen parasitic infections?
* What type of parasite is the most common and hardest to detect?
* What type of parasitic worms infect up to 50% of children?
* What are seven criteria to test your parasite exposure level?
* What natural substances are most effective against parasites?
* What enzymes that decrease as you age are essential protections?
* What foods offer the most protection? Which might be harmful?
* What household areas offer parasites the best hiding places?
* Why does microwaving foods lessen protection against parasites?
* What cleaner can kill parasites in food before you cook it?
* Why are most salad bars a danger in contracting parasites?
* What Mexican folk remedy really works against parasites?
* What systematic steps will rid your body of  parasites?

As outlined in Parasites: The Plague of Our Times, Ann Louise Gittleman has developed an extraordinarily effective alternative-medicine cure for parasitic infection, through years of careful testing.  Her reputation is unequaled for producing thorough cures of parasitic infestation, through a systematic program that clears the body of illness-producing parasites in a matter of weeks.

You'll find her complete healing program in this breakthrough report, with proven ways of cleaning the intestinal tract through a regimen of the right foods, herbs and vitamin supplements. You'll know exactly what to avoid and what to adopt in ridding your body of unwanted, destructive 'guests' and again enjoying renewed health and well-being. And, you'll discover the essential ways to keep your body parasite-free for the rest of your life, even in the face of 'the plague of our times.'

Individual case studies show how the Gittleman testing and curing methods rescued the lives of people who weren't being helped because of their doctors' misdiagnoses. Cases of cramping, chronic fatigue, vaginal irritation, acne, depression and more symptoms disappeared after the amazingly effective Gittleman program.

Parasites: The Plague of Our Times is only $19.95 and is essential reading to safeguard your family's health.  This exclusive HSI report may well change your life, helping to bring vibrant health to you and those you love.

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